Winter Newsletter 2018

C U R R E N T L Y    O N    E X H I B I T 

  Jay Senetchko
The Course of a Distant Empire
Closing Reception: Thursday, January 18th, 6-8 pm
November 23rd - January 20th, 2018

The Fire SermonJay Senetchko, oil on canvas, 72 x 96" ( 95 x 109" framed), 2017


E X H I B I T I O N S     U P C O M I N G

A State of Infinite Division 
curated by Brooke Wise   
February 1st - February 24th, 2018
BloomsThrush Holmes, spray paint, neon on canvas, 60 x 48", 2017
Starting out the new year is a vibrant exhibition guest curated by Brooke Wise entitled,  A State of Infinite Division, featuring artists Thrush Holmes, Jen Stark, Jillian Meyer, Drake Carr, and more.

Gary Pearson   
March 1st - March 31st, 2018
Hotel CapriceGary Pearson, oil enamel and enamel spray paint on canvas, 80 x 76", 2017
Winsor Gallery is pleased to present the upcoming exhibition of Gary Pearson's The Origins of The Romantic Sensibility accompanied by a book launch.  Gary Pearson will be exhibiting at the Kelowna Art Gallery this January with an opening reception on Friday January 19th, 2018.  In addition,  Pearson will be featured in a group show at the Vancouver Art Gallery in conjunction with his solo exhibition at Winsor Gallery. 

Steve Driscoll + Finn O'Hara : Giving Context
Capture Photography Festival
April  5th - May 5th, 2018
Safely Through the World of Dreams, Steve Driscoll & Finn O'Hara, digital chromogenic print, 45 x 60", 2016
Driscolls’ vision to capture his paintings in a way that gave them a sense of their physical presence made way for an unusual collaboration between painter and photographer.  Enter Finn O’Hara, a respected Toronto-based photographer and director whose penchant for wilderness and deft storytelling eye seemed to Driscoll a perfect fit for the ambitious project he’d envisioned. This crazy scheme entailed photographing Driscoll’s paintings in a variety of outdoor locations, ranging from a skateboarding rink, to a busy downtown street, to suspended above a river.  The genesis of Giving Context, a collaboration between painter Steve Driscoll and photographer Finn O’Hara, is a great example of the magic that can happen when two inventive minds merge.  

Jen Mann  
May 10th - June 2nd, 2018
Satin Doll, Jen Mann, oil on canvas, 55 x 65", 2017 
This will be the first solo exhibition of Canadian artist Jen Mann at Winsor Gallery.  Jen Mann views her paintings as physical and visual manifestations of ideas rather than as products. Within her work Mann toys with color saturation and hue to expose previously unseen details and challenge conventional notions of beauty and intimacy, revealing the hidden magic in otherwise awkward images.  Using imagery and symbols we are familiar with along with her dry and self satirical humour, Mann is able to address our society’s hypocritical and flawed projections of love and desire.
Ann Goldberg  
June 9th - July 7th, 2018
Kitchen Utensils Poolside, Ann Goldberg, oil on canvas, 24 x 36", 2017
What a perfect way to jump into Summer.  Ann Goldberg's exhibition, Splash focuses on hyperrealistic paintings of expressive fluid forms, fragmented geometric shapes, and colourful designs of our everyday modern world.  


N E W S 

Gary Pearson: Short Fictions
The Large FountainGary Pearson, oil enamel on canvas, 76 x 102", 2015
We are excited to announce a new publication by artist Gary Pearson in conjunction with his solo exhibition, The Origins of The Romantic Sensibility at Winsor Gallery. The book, entitled Gary Pearson: Short Fictions, includes texts on Pearson's work by Canadian writers Aaron Peck, Michael Turner, and Liz Wylie (the curator of the major solo exhibition this book accompanies).  In addition, there is a transcription of an interview with the artist by internationally known Canadian writer and curator Ihor Holubizky.

Andy Dixon: Luxury Object

Limited Edition
Have you gotten yours? A limited number of copies remain of Andy Dixon's signed and numbered book,  Luxury Object.  Books are available for purchase either online (click here) or in person, at the gallery.

The Edition
2014 + 2015

View of Okanagan LakeGary Pearson, copperplate engraving on archival paper, 10 x 10 in. 2014
 Summering II (AP), Andy Dixoninkjet print, 11 x 14 in. 2015
Motel Bowler, Colin Smith, inkjet print on paper, 11 x 14 in. 2015
The Edition 2014 + 2015, a suite of artist multiples by Fiona Ackerman, Bill Anderson, Bradley Harms, Brian Howell, Gary Pearson, Andy Dixon, Dana Claxton, Alan Switzer, Paul Beliveau, and Colin Smith.

Following in the tradition of artist editions that aim to encourage a culture of collecting, The Edition is an affordable introduction to art acquisition.  Multiples are available individually in a closed edition of 15.