Creators Vancouver on Ann Goldberg


    “Wait.” People will double-take when they see Ann Goldberg’s paintings. “Is that a photo?” A particularly              perfect photo? Hers is a hyper-beautiful world where tiny visual details are captured – reflections, shadows,        wind – and colours are at their most vibrant.

“My paintings might be considered Hyperreal paintings,” Goldberg explains, “Hyperrealism is an outgrowth of extremely high resolution images produced by digital cameras, whereas photorealism emulated analog photography. With digital photography, we are stopping time, immortalizing a moment.”
“Being present in an intense way is made possible by these high resolution digital images. Just think of a drop of water, in full resolution, hovering motionless in the air.”

Pool #29. 2017. 36×48 
You’ll see a lot of water in Goldberg’s June 2018 show at Winsor Gallery. Included will be Underwater – the woman swimming underwater in our header – and Pool #29. “This painting was inspired by a visit to Palm Springs, California, at a resort with 36 pools. The water was so beautiful and yet there was a drought in California at the time. It was so ironic being surrounded by all this beautiful water and yet there was a water shortage.”