Capture Photography Festival: Bill Anderson | Internal. External

New works by Bill Anderson 

April 1st - April 28th, 2017
Opening Reception | Saturday April 1st, 2:00 - 4:00pm

A Day in Two Act, 2017, Photograph mounted on plexiglass and floated, mounted on plywood, 74 x 46"

Winsor Gallery is pleased to announce its participation in Capture Photography Festival featuring mixed media constructions by Bill Anderson. The exhibition is entitled, External. Internal, and will run from April 1st – April 28th, 2017. An opening will be held on the afternoon of Saturday April 1st, from 2-4pm. Bill Anderson will be in attendance. 

With this body of work Bill experiments with digital photography and its particular abilities to evoke depth and flatness in space. The compositions in these new works are often aggregations of varying images of a single subject—landscapes, figures, and street scenes—such that the picture is both recognizable and abstract. As Bill explains, the work within the the exhibition comprises "a body of photo based mixed media constructions regarding the dichotomy between inner city and natural environments, and how the lingering afterimage from one experience affects the next experience. Those everyday influences we must push through in order to better understand what we choose to turn our eyes towards, what we stand before, and what we are as we stand before it."

About Bill Anderson
Bill Anderson was born in Edinburgh, Scotland; he now lives in Vancouver, BC. After spending twenty five years working with traditional large format photography, and alternative printmaking techniques, including Gum Bichromate, Cyanotype, and Platinum, Bill has leveraged the considerable interpretive potential of digital acquisition to realize this portfolio of color work.

The force behind creating these images was born out of a desire to harmonize elements often avoided in the search for a perfect, or untroubled brand of beauty, and to explore examples of the individual's interaction with the environment. What we're capable of for the sake of profit and industrial progress is well known to the environment, but what motivates the timeless habit of leaving our, often intimate, and primitively creative marks behind on any surface conducive to the task?

His work has been featured in a number of exhibitions within Vancouver and Los Angeles. In the winter of 2014 Bill’s work was featured at Winsor Gallery as part of a group exhibition entitled The Edition 2014, a folio of five contemporary works produced in a closed edition of 15. More recently, his work was exhibited at Paris Photo Los Angeles 2015, the West Coast arm of the French photography fair.

About Capture Photography Festival
Vancouver’s first annual city-wide photography festival launches April 1st, 2016. Capture, a not-for-profit festival, and is dedicated to celebrating local and international photography and lens-based art. The festival aims to foster emerging talent, encourage active community participation, and initiate public conversation about photography as an art form, a means of communication, and a mode of cultural documentation and social reflection. Throughout the festival, Capture will feature dynamic, high-profile exhibitions from Vancouver’s leading public and commercial galleries, public realm installations, and a series of community-based photo workshops, tours, artist talks, films, and panel discussions.