News about Patrick Hughes!

Checkout what Yorkshire Post had to say about Winsor's Patrick Hughes, and his 3-D art!

Patrick Hughes at the exhibition launch.
"British surrealist Patrick Hughes has been confounding the visual expectations of art lovers ever since his breakthrough discovery of a technique known as ‘reverspective’.
Now an exhibition of his work has begun at Leeds College of Art, where he spent five years as a lecturer during the 1960s. Speaking after attending the launch, London-based Hughes said: “I am so very happy and honoured to be invited to exhibit my pictures at Leeds College of Art, more than 50 years after I started out teaching art here.” Talking about his use of reverspective, he said: “My pictures seem to move as you move. They come to life when we bring them to life. This is because they are made in perspective the wrong way round, in reverspective."


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