Angela Grossman for Montecristo Magazine

 Checkout Montecristo Magazine and the recently published article featuring artist Angela Grossmann, and a short interview about how she views her work as an artist! 

"Man/Woman", 2014. Oil on canvas.

Story by: Sunshine Frere
Photograph by: Brian Howell

"In Angela Grossmann’s practice, time and content are not linear—they’re cyclical, part of an eternal return. Grossmann has worked as an artist within the national scene for over three decades. She has exhibited across Canada, the United States, Europe, and Asia, and her work is held in numerous public and private collections.
Detail of Angela Grossmann's studio.

“I really don’t see my work being any different from the first thing that I ever made, to the last thing that I created yesterday. It’s all connected,” the Vancouver-based artist says. “When you look back at the arc of things, you realize you have a whole interconnected language that has developed across different bodies of work. Repetition is really important. It persists because I haven’t completely dealt with the idea that it pertains to. Ideas only become uninteresting when I’ve completely spent their possibilities. Until that time, I will often go back and investigate them from different angles.”

Grossmann is known for her collage and mixed-media art, as well as oil on canvas; her pieces explore the psychological aspects of displacement and the complexity of identity. Grossmann’s compositions delineate bold, confrontational characters that are ambiguous, categorically misunderstood, and often a little rough around the edges. Her work imbues vulnerability, darkness, and tenacity. With her portraiture, viewers explore all aspects of humanity: the good, bad, and ugly."

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