News about Patrick Hughes!

Check out what Business Insider had to say about Patrick Hughes and his 3D paintings!

"Sometimes the eyes on an especially well-painted portrait will appear to follow you around the room, but Patrick Hughes' mind-boggling 3D art takes the concept to a whole other level. 

Years AGO, 19 x 52 x 8", 2008.

Hughes uses a style he created called "reverspective," painting uncanny optical illusions of a rooms with an eerie sense of depth. The trick is that the parts of the paining that look like they should be the farthest away from the viewer are actually painted on the parts that are the closest, jutting out from the wall. This creates a truly trippy effect, and the rooms in Hughes' paintings seem to recede into the wall and follow your movement.

Picture Books, 21 x 62 x 8", 2009.

Hughes first came up with the technique in the 1960s, but really started making "reverspective" paintings in earnest in the 1980s. He's still going strong today."

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