Baccus, 2016, Mixed media on canvas, 83 X 55 in.

Thanks MONTECRISTO magazine, for the in-depth interview featuring Winsor Gallery's very own; Andy Dixon! Come checkout Andy's show, Expensive Things, which runs until May 24 here at Winsor Gallery!
Abundance, 2015, 61 x 74 inches, acrylic and oil pastel on framed canvas.
  • STORY: Justin Ramsey
  • Next to Burrard Arts foundation on East Broadway, there is a nearly unnoticeable side door. Across this threshold is a steep set of stairs, greyish and otherwise forgettable, which wind up to a narrow corridor. The same cramped, industrial atmosphere presumably persists through the hall’s northernmost door. However, the room opens into a spacious studio with windows spanning two walls, proffering a dazzling vista of Vancouver’s downtown centre and Olympic Village.
Red Nude, 2014, 40 x 60 inches, acrylic and oil pastel on framed canvas.

“It’s an okay place,” says Andy Dixon, the artist to whom the studio belongs, with a mirthful hint of sarcasm. And then, more sincerely: “It’s pretty great.” The room has a comfortable, almost lived-in feel; and though it is certainly capacious, it’s nevertheless difficult to avoid the sprawling, vivid paintings in progress—six altogether—that colour the walls and floor.
Green Nude, 2014, 30 x 56 inches, acrylic and oil pastel on framed canvas.
Apparently, there is no need to: Dixon plods unceremoniously over the two on the floor, en route to a bottle of red wine, as though they were canvas carpets. “It’s kind of an irreverence to the art object while I’m working,” explains Dixon, now eased into an armchair. “I walk on my paintings, and I use them as their own palettes.” Indeed, off to the side are a couple of spotless, white paint trays that have never been used, and probably never will be.

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