Wendy Red Star

Wendy Red Star is a visual artist who has worked within and between the mediums of photography, sculpture, installation, performance and design. Red Star’s work layers influences drawn from her tribal background (Crow), daily surroundings, aesthetic experiences, collected ephemera and conjured histories that are both real and imagined.  Wendy Red Star's work is influenced by her heritage as a crow woman, her daily life as an artist and mother, historical references, and narratives that are both constructed and real.  The twenty-four prints in the exhibition accompany twenty-two books of the White Squaw written by Larabie Sutter, 1952, which originated from the series written in 1868 by Captain Mayne Reid. Wendy Red Star has re-appropriated the images of the original books into a series of prints with her face as the central focus surrounded by designs of the original books.  Red Star poses with the stereotypical Indian headdress often placed on Native characters played in Euro-American Hollywood productions.  

Install view of White Squaw 


Close up of White Squaw Series 

Spring, Four Seasons, 2006