Tsēma Tamara Skubovius

Tsēma Tamara Skubovius is an interdisciplinary artist and member of the Tahltan First Nation. She attended Kitinmaax School for Northwest Coast Native Art and later graduated with a BFA from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver BC. Her praxis stems from an Indigenous perspective that weaves together cultural stereotypes to explore universal narratives— such as how the value of land and resources are created and assessed through Western measures-of-worth, and furthermore how cultural impact is assessed and created. Tsēma ( Rock Mother) Tamara Skubovius uses her Tahltan ancestry to inspire her multidisciplinary work that addresses Tahltan traditions.  Skubovius states, " I am interested in how meaning is constructed and distorted by an ever-changing and ever-evolving society",  The images in the exhibition re from a place called Leslie Spit in Toronto.  It i s a man-made spit made from industrial refuge that was taken over by nature and further reclaimed by the city as a park.  It was the ideal site for her work as it contradicts and confuses the Neolithic assumptions of the Native body in, or as, nature, and places her in a post- industrial landscape.  

   (Re) naturalize no. 1 (Brick), Toronto, ON, 2016

Install shot of vinyl mounted print with light box

More of Skubovius' work 

Stop and Think v. 1

Gold Grizzly Headdress 
Stoneware, spray acrylic, leather twine.