Brian Howell's Burnt Forest up until September 4th!

Check out this amazing article of Brian Howell's Burnt Forest exhibition reviewed by Robin Laurence from the Georgia Straight!

A little preview below... 

A Brian Howell exhibition is guaranteed to compel the eye and the mind. With a background in photojournalism and editorial photography, this award-winning artist has created a number of independent projects, focusing his medium-format camera on celebrity impersonators, minor-league wrestlers, and the debris-laden carts of binners. He has also created a series of highly detailed colour photos of the unpopulated interiors of newspaper printing plants—a tribute to the endangered business of print journalism.
Howell’s latest series of works, “Burn”, consists of snowy winter landscapes shot in a fire-ravaged forest in the Thompson River region of British Columbia. Although these images initially appear to be a departure from his earlier, somewhat marginalized human subjects, they still function as a vehicle for his acute social observations.