winsor gallery presents concurrent: a group exhibition

VANCOUVER, June 1, 2015 – Winsor Gallery announced today the upcoming exhibition entitled Concurrent. The exhibition runs from June 11 – July 11. An opening will be held on the afternoon of June 13, from 2-5pm; several of the artists will be in attendance.

Through its experimental approach, Concurrent acts as a wild card, reimagining the exhibition space as a game of chance. Winsor Gallery invited nine artists to participate in this exhibition; in turn, each gallery artist invited an additional artist to show a work concurrently with theirs. On the heels of the success of the first iteration of Concurrent in 2014, this will be a second cycle of the exhibition. 

Curation, dialogue, marketability, partiality, criticality and aesthetics are all factors contributing to the success of an exhibition. Concurrent explores these elements as well as the intricacy of relationships between artists, their artwork and their networks, allowing each artist to give context to their own work in a very direct sense.

Participating 2015 Concurrent artists:
Fiona Ackerman + Gregor Hiltner, Shelley Adler + Brent McIntosh, Paul Beliveau + Jean-Pierre Morin, Andy Dixon + Les Ramsay, Brian Howell + Gordon Smith, Vitaly Medvedovsky + Jay Senetchko, Luke Parnell + Adam Stenhouse, Gary Pearson + Katherine Pickering, Ed Spence + Bryan Ryley.