Ed Spence and Bryan Ryley showcase their abstract works through engaging geometric "macrocosm / microcosm-like" compositions.  Both works compliment each other and add an interesting dialogue when placed together.

Ed Spence 
"Grid Dissolution" 

Grid Dissolution, is part of a series in which Ed Spence dissects and rearranges vintage prints. It is a formal exploration of colour expressed through an encounter with a knife and a ruler. 

Bryan Ryley
"Leaning on the Head of a Nat, We Contemplate the Rocky Road"

Entitled ‘Leaning on the Head of a Nat, We Contemplate the Rocky Road’.  This is in reference to the people of Myanmar, who after sixty years of military dictatorship are experiencing a loosening of restrictions and a move towards Democracy.  A ‘Nat’ is an animal/insect spirit that is central to their Buddhist belief system.  The painting is "48x60”, acrylic and canvas collage on canvas, dated 2014.  The canvas of the canvas collage is old canvas tarpaulin, used here as a metaphor for the people who have been used at the service of others.  The form is cubist in construction, a choice on my part to recognize new structures that replaced old​.​