Jason Gowans, California Drought Winter 2015, LA River (After Chinatown) 2, 2015, tri-colour pigment print with UV/infrared spectrum

Steffanie Ling reviewed Wayward at Winsor Gallery for Akimbo -- thanks Steffanie! An excerpt:

"Presented in conjunction with Vancouver’s Capture Photography Festival, the group exhibition Wayward was curated for Winsor Gallery by Kimberly Phillips of Access Gallery. The exhibition title suggests a kind of deviation or unpredictability, and the selected works depart from photography as it is more simply understood, but waywardness in photography is more conventional than one might think. Phillips notes in her exhibition essay that since the first decade of photography’s existence, “a certain anxiety was detectable in the writings of the new technology’s practitioners, who confessed their inability to fully control or ‘fix’ the medium.” By the ease of which certain works on view here stretch what can be considered photography, that anxiety appears to have long since dissipated."

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