Today, the New York Times' Holland Cotter reviewed The Plains Indians: Artists of Earth and Sky at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City. The exhibition, Cotter enthuses, "has to be one of the most completely beautiful sights in New York right now."

Of Dana Claxton and her contemporaries, Cotter writes: "The photographer Wendy Red Star spoofs the view of the Indian being particularly attuned to nature; in contrast, T. C. Cannon (1946-1978), in a painting of his grandmother as a kind of sky-walker, pregnant with his father, affirms that view. Some artists are politically very direct. In a painting, Arthur Amiotte, who has a terse, moving essay in the catalog, revisits Wounded Knee, where distant members of his family died. Others are what might be called spiritual activists. Through film images and sonorous chants — you can hear them as pure as a Gregorian chant in the distance as you enter the show — Dana Claxton evokes meditative rituals still very much alive today."

Read the complete review, and view a slideshow of images from the exhibition, on the New York Times.