Rimi Yang, Multiple Me, 2014

Los Angeles-based, Korean-born, and Japan-raised artist Rimi Yang brings her latest suite of paintings to Winsor Gallery in her exhibition, Isogaba Maware (Taking Time). The exhibition takes its name from an ancient Japanese proverb which means, roughly, "when in a hurry, take the roundabout route." 

Rimi Yang, Blue Ride, 2014

In her artist statement, Yang points out how her painting practice has been structured around this philosophy. Her inclusion of intricate detail hardly arrests the energy of her compositions; light and colour swims around her figurative subjects in a manner that is part pixel, part expressionist. Informed by a deep knowledge of both Eastern and Western art histories, Yang's body of work demonstrates their interconnectivity.

Rimi Yang, Lady in the Light, 2014

Isogaba Maware is on exhibit until November 15. Don't miss it!