Headed to the BC interior next week? Check out Luminocity, a week-long public art project by the Kamloops Art Gallery that features video projections, new media works, and events in public spaces throughout the downtown core of Kamloops. Inspired by all-nighter art events such as Toronto's/Montreal's Nuit Blanche, Luminocity promises to be well worth the trip, especially in light of the knockout lineup of participating artists, including Brian Howell, Khan Lee, Cao Fei, Instant Coffee, and Dana Claxton.

Dana Claxton, Video Tipi

Dana Claxton re-creates the video tipi, first shown at Richmond's Your Kontinent festival, in which viewers enter to be surrounded by footage of sacred artifacts and sites. A mesmerizing electronic composition, which shifts in and out of a traditional drumming track, adds to the hypnotic psychic atmosphere. Learn more about the video tipi.

Brian Howell, Kamloops Daily News 2014, 2014
Brian Howell's critically lauded Press series is re-inserted into its original context, as the photographs from the series shot at the Kamloops Daily News offices are projected as a slideshow onto the windows of the now-abandoned Kamloops Daily News building. 

“For me, these machines are bones of a skeleton,” Howell writes about his Press series. “It must be considered that this information originated somewhere, usually by someone who knocked on a door or made phone calls or travelled far to get a story.”