Calgarians take note: opening on Saturday, October 11 from 2-5 pm at Paul Kuhn gallery is an exhibition of new works by Alexander Caldwell.

Alexander Caldwell, Towering Cumulus, 2014. Painted steel, 80 x 24 x 22"

From Paul Kuhn Gallery: "Alexander Caldwell’s sculptures are immaculate in finish and execution. Caldwell embraces curves and right angles, round volumes and flat planes - where minimalism meets pop art. Squares, spheres, hemispheres and cylinders are the building blocks of his formal vocabulary. Each sculpture is painted a single bright colour or coated with a meticulous metal finish. The new "discs" are painted with a colour flop enamel that changes colour as one walks by the work.  Caldwell works mostly with found materials, although he will fabricate elements he wants to repeat. He employs colour to remove shape as far as possible from its origins in functional objects – pipe in various diameters, pipe elbows, metal hemispheres - and industrial materials – steel, stainless steel and aluminum. The applied colour is either automotive or oilfield paint that, along with a little filler, hides the joins and welds under the flawless skin of a surface of colour that is impervious to weather -  bulletproof. Colour is a critical aspect of the work. Caldwell says, the colour that transforms the industrial origins of his materials has become so important to the simpler shapes of his new work that it’s as if the metal has become an armature for the paint."

For more information, please visit the Paul Kuhn website. The exhibition runs until November 1st, 2014.