Just around the corner from the gallery is the iconic globe that marks the non-profit organization Science World.  Coming up at the centre is the "New Forms Festival" run by the New Forms Media Society, founded in 2000.  The goal of the festival is to combine local and international art communities with science and technology, and Science World is the ideal location for this collaboration.  The NFF focuses on independent and up-and-coming artists, providing a stage for their work and increasing awareness for these artists.  This festival features new media art, music, film and technology based artworks and/or performance, making it available to a wide audience.

Vancouver- based musicians involved in the show include  Evy Jane, Frank Grimes, Kline, Calamalk, Neu Balance, No UFO's, Richard Smith, Sarah Davachi, the Passenger, and the Pender Street Steppers.

The Flats also make an appearance in the show, with the film "Dynamo Lines" by Josephin Böttger (and music by Sergej Tolksdorf) in collaboration with Grunt Gallery and Surry Urban Screen.   Equinox Gallery will be exhibiting "The Fourth Way" on September 14th, and "Scenes from an Unsound Mind" on September 17th in conjunction with the festival, both Curated by Robin Selk and Andrew Rebatta. 

To purchase tickets for this event, click this link.