Writer Sunshine Frère explored the parallels between computer programming, digitality and the paintings of Bradley Harms. She published her essay on her writing blog ARTOTATE.  

Here is an excerpt from the essay:

There is no single entry point into a Bradley Harms painting.One doesn’t enter the the work, they are overtaken by it. Like a brilliant sun-flare or punch to the face. Ocular intensity builds and intertwines with shaken reflexes in an attempt to understand what happened, and exactly what one is looking at. Attempts at a focused gaze are instantly dethroned by the twitch of perpetual movement. Eyes feel compelled to scan the entire oeuvre, flittering between foreground, background, colour, line, shapes, and grids. Subtle hints of imperfection lie underneath immaculate technique. Each compositional element relentlessly competes for attention, making it difficult for the viewer to compute the work. Similar to html or computer programming these paintings generate an error signal causing stack overflow in the brain.

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