If you are out Montreal way make sure to pop into Art Mur to check out the fascinating group painting exhibition that they have up. This is the last week it will be on, so time is ticking! 

The exhibition showcases mediums of painting and sculpture. 
Fresh Paint/ New Construction focuses on the revival and freedom of painting as it has long been declared dead. The two pieces by Vitaly, Forest and Visitor will be on exhibit at Art Mur in Montreal from July 19 - August 30. If you are in Montreal, stop in and enjoy the work!  

Participating artists are listed below.

Peinture fraîche et nouvelle construction : 

Claire Bartleman, Joe Becker, Jessica Bell, Lisa-Marie Bissonnette, Kaitlyn Bourden, Grace Braniff, Teresa Carlesimo, Scott Chalmers, Ken Cooper, Lynette de Montreuil, Rose Fior, Vincent Fournier, Julie Gagnon, Megan Green, Danielle Havimaki, Stephanie Hier, Colin Hill, Rebecca Houston, Amelie Jerome, Vladimir Kraynyk, Elise Lafontaine, Pascale Leblanc Lavingne, Nicole Levaque, Amelie Leveque, Karine Locatelli, José Mansilla-Miranda, Miranda Marcotte, Jean-Sebastien Massicotte-Rousseau, Ian McMurrich, Katrina Mendoza, Zoë Mpeletzikas, Andrew Oliver, Sarah Osborne, Lexie Owen, Kate Puxley, Milena Roglic, Lisa Spiers, Matt Tarini, Rebecca Toderian, Shanie Tomasini, Liz Toohey-Wiese, Couzyn Van Heuvelen, Noémie Weinstein.
A posteriori – 10e anniversaire : 
Hugo Bergeron, Pascal Caputo, Magalie Comeau, Phil Delisle, Erika Dueck, Alex Fischer, Nicolas Grenier, Neil Harrison, Annie Hémond Hotte, Laurent Lamarche Alexis Lavoie, Kate McQuillen, Vitaly Medvedovsky, Jessica Peters, Natalie Quagliotto, Francois Raymond, Ianick Raymond, Luke Siemens.