This portrait Monday we bring you the blurred photo technique of German artist Gerhard Richter, one of the most important living artists today.  This photo appears "eerie" through Richter's blurring technique, bringing the subject into question in this unknown context. The monochromatic and unfocused image creates a "haunted" aspect to the work, along with the woman's direct eye-contact, although because of the blur she seems to be mostly removed from the viewer's space.  Richter is known for his realistic portraits, as well as large-scale colourful abstract paintings, colour charts, sculpture and more.  He is Picasso-esque in the inability to "categorize" him into a single subject or even medium, and is a real superstar of the art world.  Check out his website here to see more of his works!  We've been doing these portrait Monday's for over two years now, how about a Portrait Monday throwback, click here for a previous Richter portrait from 2012!