There are a ton of great shows coming up in the Flats -- not to be missed! 

Coming up at Gallery 295 from July 25-August 23 is the show "Let Me Tell You This" featuring artists Chris Boyne, David Crocker, Maegan Hil-Carroll, Kyla Mallett, and Erdem Taşdelen.  This exhibition focuses on  tropes of photographic narratives within the architecture of the archive.  This show features a variety of artists in different stages of their careers, all addressing the concept of the archive combined with photographic techniques, which may function as a tangible collection and a recorded instance.

Upcoming at Hot Art Wet City is the show "Two Faced: New Works by Sophia Ahamed and Jose Rivas" from August 7-23 (Opening reception August 7, 7-11pm).   In this show, Sophia Ahamed explores emotion and expression through portraiture and structural form through paintings and illustrations. Combined with this is Jose Rivas, who looks at social behaviour through colour, spacial tension and animal imagery. To see more information on this exciting show, click here.

From July 21-August 9, Grunt Gallery will host the installation "Épopée – L’état des lieux", which translated means "The State of the Moment".  This will be shown along with  a film screening of L’État du monde (or "The State of the World"), presented in collaboration with the Queer Arts Festival.  Set in the Montreal community known as "The Box", the short films feature the sex and drug trade in the city.  For more information on this incredible Canadian project (as well as additional film viewing opportunities!), click here.

Finally, to cap it all off, this fall Monte Clark Gallery will feature the works of Holger Kalberg and Stephen Waddell, and Macaulay and Co will show Jeremy Shaw in September. Come out to the Flats to catch all of these exhibitions; we know we will!