This summer, the Kamloops Art Gallery is featuring three main exhibitions from local artists; Ted Smith, Jack Shadbolt and Stephanie Petsula. All exhibitions run from June 28th to August 30th, 2014. If you are headed to the interior, make sure to stop into the KAG. Those works on paper alone will hold your attention for a few hours!

Ted Smith, Dunes, 2009

Ted Smith: A Retrospective
Kamloops-based painter, Ted Smith, paints abstract landscapes of B.C's interior and West Coast surroundings.  He depicts the natural world by painting bright shapes, thick brushstrokes, layered skies, and expressive movements by the choice of palate.  His paintings are timeless and are constantly changing from representation to abstraction.  Ted Smith's influential  paintings evoke the feeling  and presence of Kamloop's landscape.

Jack Shadbolt: Seven Decades of work on Paper
This exhibition showcases some of Shadbolt's seventy-nine works on paper from the permanent collection in the Kamloops Art Gallery.  Shadbolt promoted abstraction in Canada and was a major influence for Ted Smith and his abstract landscapes.  Shadbolt`s Seven Decades coincides with Ted Smith's Retrospective showing at the KAG.

Stephanie Patsula: The Vessel
Stephanie Petsual is an emerging artist from Thompson River University and was selected for the Kamloops Art Gallery's annual Curators' Choice exhibition of new art from the region.  Stephanie Petsula created her own project and space titled The Cube.  The cube successfully attempts to investigates the architectural space and ideological context of the white-walled gallery. Within this environment, she explores the way in which objects are exhibited in these institutional spaces.