Rachel Apted

British Columbia Psychological Association Piece of Mind Award 
in Health Design for Innovation in the Field of Psychological Health and Well Being

I have always been an ideas person, coming from a very creative family I can not remember a time when I was not creating, building, or drawing something everyday.  I find my inspiration through the observation of nature and the bustling excitement of downtown Vancouver, as well as in the trending designs in pop culture, and the randomness and chaos of life. I enjoy working with bright, cheery imagery and colours, the more symmetry and patterns the better. All of which bring me to where I am now, being able to do what I love everyday, design.  - Rachel Apted

Headspace, 2014
Variable dimensions, canvas, digital video installation, Approximate Size of exhibit 84 x 60

Headspace is a four component app designed for teens and young adults who are living in a household with someone who is dealing with a mental illness. By providing a new method to access available information, Headspace helps to find strengths in every family and encourages learning from others.