British Columbia Psychological Association Piece of Mind Award 
in Health Design for Innovation in the Field of Psychological Health and Well Being

Nicole Barrett is a recent graduate of the Industrial Design program at Emily Carr University of Art and Design.  She first became interested in health design last year while working with Louise St. Pierre in the Health+ lab core design class designing products for women living with breast cancer.  Nicole’s projects in the past have been primarily based in soft product and systems design with a strong interest and passion for creating user centered objects and systems that promote health, wellness and empowerment.

 TOG: Tools Offering Grounding, 2014
Approximate Size of exhibit 7 x 6 ft, wood, ceramic, fabric and string

TOG is a hypothetical system designed to assist psychiatric professionals in their selection of appropriate grounding objects with their clients that dissociate. The project focuses on creating tactile and engaging product experiences that allows the users an opportunity to connect on a deeper level. Through an exploration of natural materials, the collection strives to offer personal grounding at hand.  The exhibit is hands on and guests are welcome to touch, play, explore and question.