Naime Tasdemir

winner of the 2014 Saralee James Memorial Award, Emily Carr University of Art and Design

Receptacle is about space. And, this is an undefined space, a space which cannot be
measured, which cannot be contained. It tends to be a container by itself. It is a space
between a chair and a desk; it is a black hole inside a tree, erasing identity; it is a stove,
a space which is an opening and closing at the same time. But at the same time Receptacle is a metaphor for the ever-changing aspect of visual representation itself. It is a search for an undefined space, and it is in conversation with Derrida's definition of the subjectile, “The word or the thing can take the place of the subject or of the object-being neither one or the other". Technically Receptacle is a product of black and white traditional photography and digital painting. And although my final process depends on digital tools, I often follow a ritual which is similar to traditional painting. Thus layers of thin paintings sit over the photograph neither covering nor exposing each other as an object or as a subject.  - Naime Tasdemir

Receptacle / Chair2014 

Archival inkjet on fiber paper 28”x 34”

Receptacle / Stove, 2014 

Archival inkjet on fiber paper 28”x 34”

Receptacle / Tree, 2014 

Archival inkjet on fiber paper 28”x34”