char kennedy

winner in the 2013 bo-concept design competition 
for overall best design bo-concept, 3rd place

Char Kennedy is an Industrial Designer based in Vancouver B.C. She has recently completed her Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design from Emily Carr University. Her work is mainly comprised of furniture design, where she explores materiality and form through an experimental and human centred design approach. She finds inspiration in unique materials and in abstract forms found in nature and the built environment.  She is interested in how these forms relate to and communicate with people. Her work aims to inspire long lasting function that can age and transform in a dignified way. 

Frame Chair, 2014
Beech Wood, Vegetable Tan Leather and RTA bolts, 22" x 22" x 36"

The Frame Chair is a personalized furniture system designed to engage users in the process of making, wear and repair. Users are able to source their own materials and construct a uniquely functional seating surface that reflects their individual creativity, and lifestyle. Its form consists of a simple frame, and slotting mechanism designed so the chair can be assembled with as few tools as possible, making it accessible to a large number of people. The chair is designed to tell a story through the individual use of materials, and the marks associated with wear. Over time, these stories are what bring personal value to the object.