Jordana Luggi

Koh-Verchere ACE Graduation Award 
for Athletic and Creative Excellence

Based largely in personal experience and her indigenous heritage, Jordana Luggi’s work utilizes materiality as a way to draw viewers in and to consider the overarching theme of her work: the underlying histories and realities of the indigenous peoples of Canada. Her use of traditional materials such as rawhide, fur, and beads along with contemporary methods of image-making point to notions of hybridity – the hybridity between traditional and contemporary and between indigenous cultures and the modern world. In addition, her work incorporates an element of humour as an attempt to open up streams of communication, recognition, and reflection on issues such as the loss of language and culture and the denial of land and basic human rights by the Canadian government.

Indian: of or relating to the indigenous peoples of America, 2014
Medium: Deer hide, wood, acrylic
Dimensions: 14"x14"