Benjamin Garner

André and Marita Nudelman Award
for visual arts – 1st prize

Blood Work: Mandalas (Portraits) 2014
Silkscreened blood on canvas, resin, 147.32 cm x 147.32 cm (58" x 58")
Benjamin Garner is a visual artist and recent graduate of Emily Carr University of Art and Design with a BFA in Visual Arts. His practice consists primarily of painting and silkscreen print, and investigates the nuances of the human condition– mainly, the sensations caused by the dynamic interplay between the human mind and its interaction with the ‘unseen’ energies associated with the spirit. His work exploits the idea that art, as an embodied force of creative energy, acts as a conduit for methodically evoking spiritual phenomena into cognition and furthermore extracted into representations. Aesthetically, these abstractions are large in appearance with an illusionistic appeal and often illuminated in a full spectrum of colour.  Benjamin lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia.