Winsor Gallery has partnered up with Vanglo Sustainable Construction Group to help stage a new home in Vancouver's Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood. It is a house that is truly like nothing that the neighbourhood has ever seen. The architect of the project is Oliver Lang, and the interior was custom designed by Gaile Guevara Interior Design and Creative

Designed to strike a fine balance between simple elegance and engaging playfulness. - Oliver Lang, Architect

This partnership involves the gallery collaboratively curating with Vanglo and Gaile Guevara producing a series of works suitable for the dynamic rooms within the house. The result an amazing space, one that once you arrive, you will never want to leave... yes it is just that stunning!

Below are the curated list of works we have selected and installed. To see some amazing images of the interior of the house click here, and if you are out for a walk in the neighbourhood, stroll past the home on 17th. 


Fiona Ackerman, Generation, 2011
Through her painting, Fiona is continually reinventing the way she represents her world, her environment and the places of her imagination. While Ackerman’s work is diverse in style, it is deeply rooted in the practice of painting. Whether working on a wild abstract piece or a delicately rendered portrait, her approach is at once playful and meticulous.


Bill Andeson, Flower Shop, 2011
The force behind creating Bill Anderson's images was born out of a desire to harmonize elements often avoided in the search for a perfect, or untroubled brand of beauty, and to explore examples of the individual's interaction with the environment. What we're capable of for the sake of profit and industrial progress is well known to the environment, but what motivates the timeless habit of leaving our, often intimate, and primitively creative marks behind on any surface conducive to the task?


Chad Durnford, Starfold, 2012
Chad Durnford’s colourful and carefully constructed paintings create a blend of beauty, symmetry, expression and perspective. His paintings act as meditations on structure, opening up possibilities of looking at space. Durnford assembles modulations of basic shapes and space, idealizing the complexity and subtleness of form and tonality. Through his interpretations of space he translates an abstract language of structure that can be approached formally as a model or as expression.


Bradley Harms, Spawn of Scrambler, 2013
For the past number of years, Bradley Harms has taken a leading role in a new and forward-looking wave of Canadian abstraction, building upon traditions within the medium, while creating work that both reflects and critiques contemporary social and technological developments. Harms' work addresses the manner in which we perceive painting, manipulating the ideas of surface, form, and our notion of perfection.

                                                                              Bradley Harms, Three Purros, 2013


Brian Howell, Alley Behind 39 East Hastings (Found), 2011

Brian Howell, 99 Shooting Stars, 2013
Brian Howell’s contemporary photographic work examines vernacular expressions of shifting societal and personal values. Howell’s subjects are drawn from fringe, or marginalized communities; people and places resonant with allegorical meanings for an age that seems to Howell both broken and blinded. Howell’s photographic series build on the truth-telling mantra of an earlier era of documentary photojournalists though are given structure and further meaning by a more rigorous contemporary conceptual framework. 


Trig Singer, The Red Bush, 2014
Trig Singer has worked in the motion picture industry as a camera operator on major pictures under some of the world’s most acclaimed cinematographers and directors. Trig has returned to photography as a counterpoint to a career in film. Photography is a way of expressing what is in his heart, as well as a way to fulfill his need to create something beautiful.


Martha Varcoe Sturdy, Untitled #423, 2014

Martha Varcoe Sturdy work explores minimalist aesthetics, as a way of replicating the ephemeral experience of the untouched outdoors. By continuously simplifying and maintaining a dominant scale, for Varcoe Sturdy, her work “is not for thinking about a specific environment, it’s about being witness to the emotive impact of nature’s balanced composition”

Vanglo was selected to design and redevelop this abandoned home within Vancouver's Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. 

Green development:  

  • process of deconstruction of previous dwelling maximises re-use or recycling of materials.
  • incorporating comprehesive envelope details, including triple glazed windows, Blue Skin VP membrane and high insulation values. 
  • designed for multi generational use, the house strives for sustainability through adaptability.  All 3 floors of this single family home and garden suite are engineered to be open plan. This offers the future occupant the choice to reconfigure the floor plan to suit their needs.
  • One of three Vancouver homes ENERGY STAR Certified.