Vanglo was selected to design and redevelop this abandoned home within Vancouver's Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. 

Below are some images of the final product; a home that is Designed to strike a fine balance between simple elegance and engaging playfulness. - Oliver Lang, Architect

Winsor Gallery is pleased to share that they will be working with Vanglo to place works in this beautiful and inspiring home. Participating artists will include: Brian Howell, Fiona Ackerman, Chad Durnford, Bradley Harms, Trig Singer and Martha Varcoe Sturdy. A curated selection of the works for the home can be found here: http://winsorgallery.blogspot.ca/2014/06/art-may-find-new-home-in-mount-pleasant.html 

For more about the project visit: http://www.vanglo.ca/#!vanglo-house-135-east-17th-ave/cym9 


Vanglo Sustainable Construction Group Ltd. is a complete design, build and construction management company, established in 2002.

We see each project as an opportunity to lead our industry towards a more environmentally conscious approach to building, with an emphasis on integrated project systems and a sustainable approach to the construction process.  With over 10 years of experience, Vanglo has gained a reputation as an “architects’ builder” with architectural technicians on staff, giving us the ability to interpret the true sentiment of a design.
Our approach to building is reflected in continuous commissions including multi-family dwellings, custom home build, and commercial tenant improvements.

We employ a team of highly-skilled trades people including finishers, ticketed carpenters and foremen with credentials in architectural technologies.