Lots going on in the Flats lately -- seems like group shows are the order of the day! Find out what's going on below...

Monte Clark Gallery

Paul Housley, Candy City, 2013
Up now at Monte Clark gallery is Tower, a group show exploring the idea of verticality. Artists featured are Roy Arden, Beau Dick, Tim Gardner, Graham Gillmore, Coleen Heslin, Paul Housley, Owen Kydd, and Evan Lee.

Equinox Gallery
Allison Tweedie, Suburban Ruins, 2014

Equinox Gallery doesn`t have just one, but three exhibitions on right now, from the ethereal, architectural collage of Allison Tweedie to the evocatively named Every Evasion and Persian Rose, Chartreuse Muse, Vancouver Grey group exhibitions.

Wil Aballe Art Projects

The Seasons Have Changed But We Have Not opens at Wil Aballe Art Projects this Thursday evening, featuring Sean Alward, Jeffrey Hallbauer, Sarah Smuts-Kennedy, Christopher Rodrigues, and Brad Tinmouth.

Hot Art Wet City
Sarah Gee Miller, Fire in the Hold, 2013
Voices from Another Room is a group exhibit that explores the versatility of paper beyond being a mere surface of other materials. The artists featured are an eclectic group: Rachael Ashe, Alison Woodward, Joseph Wu, Connie Sabo and Sarah Gee Miller.

Winsor Gallery
Keith Doyle, StillFilms: Happy Days, 2014

If you've been following along the blog recently, you know we've got a monumental exhibition opening this Thursday! Concurrent challenges our ideas about what an exhibition is and how it's put together -- we've allowed our seventeen invited artists to select who they'd like to concurrently with.

Participating artists include Fiona Ackerman + Ron Moppett, Alex Caldwell + Katie Ohe, Dana Claxton + Henri Robideau, Angela Grossmann + Drew Shaffer, Gabryel Harrison + Joaquin Pedrero, Bradley Harms + Chris Cran, Brian Howell + David Campion, Patrick Hughes + Paul Beliveau, Vitaly Medvedovsky + Erik Nieminen, Luke Parnell + Vanessa Arnold, Gary Pearson + Jack Jeffrey, Charles Rea + Tom Burrows, David Robinson + Danielle Swift, Evann Siebens + Keith Doyle, Trig Singer + Thomas Burstyn, Verona Sorensen + Mark Lang, and Allan Switzer + Carl Ostendarp.