Erik and Vitaly met in Montreal whilst studying painting, they now both are living in Berlin, just a few doors down from each other. They share in musings on alternate realities within their painting: Vitaly's work highlighting the magical side of painting, featuring inventors and amazing machines that converge old worlds and technology with mechanized and industrial elements. His imagined contraptions are much like something out of the film Mad Max. Erik's work reveals a surreal representation of reality that blurs and distorts. It is fantastic to see these works sharing a space within the Concurrent Exhibition. They will be up for one more week at Winsor Gallery come and see them live, you won't regret it!

Vitaly Medvedovsky

I went to university together with Erik, we shared a studio after graduation, and now we live 10 minutes away from each other in Berlin. During that time we've obviously talked (and argued) a lot about each other’s work, and about art in general, so I thought it would be interesting to exhibit our works alongside one another. Although we approach painting differently, ultimately we are both interested, each in our own way, in using familiar places or objects as starting points towards the construction of an alternate reality.

Vitaly Medvedovsky, Demonstration, 2012

Erik Nieminen

Initially, I gravitated towards the depiction of reflection as a means of depicting the disconnect that one experiences in urban environments. I am fascinated by light, and, for me, it is light that defines form and creates space. A reflection is an ephemeral response to light, but, in a sense, it is disconnected from the gravity of our world. If we allow for the possibility that the reflection is a state of “non-gravity”, then the possibilities that arise from it in terms of making art are basically endless. In its sublime materiality, it allows a direct connection to the natural world as the primal state of glass is a liquid, and the reflection as seen through a liquid visually destroys the world we know. Part of my interest is in deconstructing the city and reforming it on my own terms. The glass reflection is a means to this end, as it allows us to see beyond ourselves and to twist and manipulate our vision of what is real, a visual truth, to break the grid of the urban environment.

Erik Nieminen, Slip, 2014