Keith have been long time collaborators on many projects in life. Both of these works on exhibit as part of Concurrent reflect upon deconstructed and reconstructed realities. Doyle's google-mapped Happy Days building in Detroit that looks like it has seen better days, and Evann's less than 'grand' piano undergoing the long process of restoration after a flood, this imagery projects viewers back into their memories, inviting us to slow down and consider states of change. The work also reflects upon the inherent cultural and economic value systems for all objects, old and new, in our contemporary world.

evann siebens
In the summer of 2013, my mother’s house in Calgary, the home I was born in and grew up in, was substantially flooded. My mother’s grand piano was covered with water, the one I practiced on thousands of times and this triptych of photos are of her swollen, muddy piano. In the process of restoration, she painstakingly chipped off all the ivories from the heritage piano, because, “Ivory is endangered and I wanted to save something precious.” I collaged these photos, printing the photographs and then re-photographing them with the chipped ivory remnants on top. The layers of restoration that may become more common as environmental disasters change our perception of home. These ivories are like fingernails. And fingernails continue to grow even after a body has died.

Keith and I are married. With 2 kids and a dog. We also sometimes collaborate with our artistic practices. (And yes, we still like each other.) With these works, we were addressing the theme of ‘home,’ both our homes of origin and our present shared home. The works in all mediums are saturated with lived experience, memory and nostalgia.

Evann Siebens often makes media about movement. Screenings of her short films, documentaries and media installations include Eyebeam, Centre Pompidou and MOMA. She has attended residencies at the Banff Centre, and recently attended an ACME residency in the UK with Keith Doyle exhibiting at HotShoe Gallery, London. A former dancer with the National Ballet of Canada and Bonn Ballet, Evann graduated from New York University. Now based in Vancouver, Evann co-curated ContainR, exhibited during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Recent shows in 2013 include MediaArtLab/Urban Screen, St.Petersberg, Russia; On Main, Harcourt House and Winsor Gallery, Vancouver. Shows in 2014 include Wil Aballe Art Projects, Gallery 295 Vancouver and dc3, Edmonton. She recently won the ID/Identities Istanbul 2012 Best Video Prize.

keith doyle
StillFilms is a series of works that explore the intimate setting of memory. The project is manifest as a series of 2d graphite works on paper and small scale moving image works of low action, still settings. The scaled scene/setting of the moving image work is developed and built from the archived streetview document and animated during production. Filmed over the course of a night in the studio the liminal narrative and aural effects embellish a mediated recounting of a true-life event.

Keith is an Adjunct Research Associate in Applied Arts at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Trained as a sculptor and working as a designer he has taught in both the Visual Arts + Material Practice as well as the Design + Dynamic Media Faculties. One of five co-creators of ContainR, a public work of design, ContainR featured 48 films from around the world, including 5 commissioned films made specifically for containR and broadcast on Bravo!FACT / CTV.

Keith was a recent Resident Artist at the ACME Studios International Artists Residency Programme in London UK, a Banff New Media Institute alum, as well as, a NYC Dance Theater Workshop Artist’s Research Medialab Fellow. IcarusCar, a five channel video and sculpture installation co-developed while in residence at the Banff New Media Institute has recently shown at the Hotshoe Gallery, London UK; the Point Gallery, Salt Spring Island BC; The New Gallery, Calgary, Alberta; Harcourt House Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta; Vivarium Gallery and Gallery 295 in Vancouver.