Brian Howell and David Campion are showing circular inspired works at Winsor Gallery's Concurrent exhibition. Things come full circle with these two artists as it would seem that the enjoy showing concurrently, as they are also both currently exhibiting work at 1965 Main Street in an exhibition entitled Thru the Trapdoor curated by Paul Wong

Thru the Trapdoor is a major interdisciplinary art event featuring over 50 artists and curators. Several Winsor Gallery artists are featured in this captivating exhibition. Brian Howell, David Campion, Evann Siebens, Keith Doyle, Charles Rea, and Paul Wong.  The project was produced by Rick Erickson. Both Concurrent and Thru the Trap door are on through till this weekend, come and check out both shows!

Brian Howell

It was a simple decision for me to invite my friend David Campion to participate in this exhibition. David and I met many years ago through our common interest in documentary photography. Our work has shown together on a number of occasions and our first books were released at the same time by Arsenal Pulp Press. Over the years, we have maintained an almost weekly dialogue about the nature of the photograph and its meaning. These conversations have energized our work, supporting significant transformations in both of our art practices. Throughout this time, with our points of reference shifting, we have continued to be compelled to pick up the camera and make photographs.

Brian Howell, Circles, Cache Creek, 2014
David Campion

David Campion’s work explores power and its repercussions. Coming of age in apartheid South Africa gave him a distrust of dominant social mythologies. With recent work in Canada, he examines the mechanisms of invasion and dispossession. Campion collaborated on the Man Turned to Stone: T'xwelátse exhibition along with Stó:lō Nation and The Reach. “Between Us” belongs to the series Caught in Collection which was made at the Museum of Anthropology. His work appears regularly in books and galleries. He lives with writer Sandra Shields and their young son in a trailer park on the Leq’á:mel First Nation reserve.

David Campion, Between Us, 2009