Vancouver is Awesome just released a great interview as part of 'The Opening' section on their blog. The person interviewed is none other than Vancouver's media guru Paul Wong. The interview was done by Alex Quicho and Chris Bentzen, it is an insightful inquest into what makes Wong tick!

Here is an excerpt:

VIA: What is it exactly that drives that impulse — to always look at and reflect on the everyday?
PW: Each of these are a response to an object, a person, a place, a moment. When I’m creating the material for them, I’m responding to standing at that street corner, looking up at that building. This is what I see. This is how I see it. As two-dimensional, as abstract, as Constructivist, as a movement. It’s how I see and respond to the world. It’s no different than a photographer deciding for frame [something] like that, or a painter deciding to paint this. In this particular case, with this particular collection, it’s seeing the world through short video and vines or instagram videos or GIFs.
Want to read the whole interview? Check it out here: