Today's portrait monday is brought to you by Winsor Gallery and Sergio Albiac. 

Sergio Albiac has created an automated process that takes portraits and creates generative collages, from them using images from the Hubble Space Telescope. The artist employed the concept of nucleosynthesis to create his portraits, along with the belief that humans, are novel combinations of cosmic stardust. This is an attempt at the biggest running generative art installation today. There are literally thousands of portraits that the artist has generated. 

Direct from Sergio, here is what the intentions of this project are:

An artist has the potential to create infinite artworks but only some of them will see the light due to the constraint of time. What if we use technology to outsource the creation of art so more of these potential artworks are finally created? Modelling artistic decisions into software would provide a generative assistant that could even survive an artist in the creation of meaningful works of visual art. This project is a first experiment around this concept....This experiment in generative portraiture will be the opposite: it will give birth to as many novel combinations as possible, taking the risks of non curated creation and experimenting with the use of generative strategies to create assisted works of art. It should also raise issues about the origin of value in art: meaning to the viewer eyes, originality, authorship, scarcity, idea generation and execution dexterity.

Sergio would like to make a generative collage with your face so if you want to get involved, it’s FREE! See more below!

Submit your face here.Gallery of “Stardust Portraits” here.sergioalbiac.com