In celebration of Presentation House Gallery's annual auction and gala, twenty contemporary artists have been selected to re-interpret Enzo Mari's iconic Sedia 1 chair -- an iconic modernist item that has served as the precursor to the pre-fabricated, self-assembled furniture that populates condominiums across the world today. If that sounds easy, there's a catch: each artist has to use every single piece of the Sedia 1 chair kit that they were given.

 Winsor Gallery's Martha Varcoe Sturdy dove right into the challenge, and has been working away at her studio to create an icy, resin-bathed take on Mari's design.

Martha isn't the only one who's been keeping busy -- see some other notable takes below, and see them all in person at the Presentation House Gallery Auction this Saturday, at Secret Location (1 Water Street).

Gordon Smith
Brian Jungen

Beau Dick
Douglas Coupland

Russell Baker