Thank-yous and congratulations are in order to all the Winsor Gallery artists who donated work to this year's wildly successful Splash Art Auction for Arts Umbrella. The auction raised an astounding $390,000 to support Arts Umbrella and its programs for children in the arts. 

"Once again, we are incredibly grateful for the continued support of the local and national arts community," said Lucille Pacey, Arts Umbrella's CEO. "Hundreds of people work very hard in support of Arts Umbrella and Splash, allowing us to continue our mission of inspiring kids for life through the arts. The money raised will go directly towards Arts Umbrella programming and ensuring all children across the Lower Mainland have access to a quality arts education, regardless of social, geographic or financial barriers."

Fiona Ackerman, Amplifier, 2013

Ann Goldberg, The Garden, 2013

Bradley Harms, Ragged Edge (Yelo Med Azo and Cobalt Teal), 2013

Gabryel Harrison, Bouquet for Fantin Latour, 2012

Brian Howell, Airstream, Florida, 2012

Patricia Johnston, Combers Beach #3, 2013

David Wilson, More Than You Will Know, 2011