Though they may seem like richly textured paintings at first, Judy D. Shane's meticulously crafted composite photographs of paint play with the expectations that viewers may hold when approaching such clearly medium-based images. 

About this body of work, Shane writes, "The artworks in The Painted Photograph: RGB Series explore an interdisciplinary art practice that merges painting and photography with contemporary digital technologies. This series is comprised of twelve original large-scale photographic inkjet prints. The abbreviation “RGB” is an accepted technical term used for describing the additive primary colours of light – red, green and blue – as found in both photographic and digital processes with each image referring to a specific colour frequency located within this colour triptych.

"The composited artworks are a fusion of multiple digital photographs of sculpted paint that emphasize three-dimensional realism and materiality within the two-dimensional plane of photography. Their compositions reflect concepts of repetition, patterning and a mathematical ordering that cannot be accomplished through the traditional act of painting. Likewise, retaining the original shadows from the photographed brushwork using digitally hand painted alpha channels of each subject forms an integral aesthetic to the work that alludes to impossible spatial relationships between the layering of paint on paint and subsequently, paint on canvas.

"By shifting the conventions exercised in painting and photography through the use of a technical pipeline, these images offer alternative perspectives to observe and take delight in the micro as macro and allow the viewer to challenge and question the space that exists between figure and ground in both disciplines."