Brian Howell, Street Portraits

Today's Portrait Monday is brought to you by Winsor Gallery's Brian Howell and our insurmountable addiction to always-accessible data.

Brian's series of a hundred sixty one phone-focused street snaps are currently on exhibit at the Museum of Vancouver alongside Lincoln Clarkes, Angela Fama, John Goldsmith, and the man who started it all -- locally, at least -- Foncie Pulice.

Foncie's Fotos, as you may know, are an always-fascinating mainstay of Vancouver history. The highly prolific postwar photographer snapped over 15 million images of Vancouver civilians in his lifetime; if your family lived in Vancouver when Foncie did, chances are that you are one of the millions documented by Foncie's keen lens. As Foncie's photos captured the zeitgeist of postwar Canadian society through snapshots, Howell's candid photographs are indicative of our information-obsessed time.