Today's portrait Monday is brought to you by Jennifer Winsor. Jennifer selected this Portrait by Abramovic.

Marina Abramović, Cleaning the mirror, 1995. Performance
Seductive, fearless and outrageous, the “grandmother of performing art” Marina Abramović has been the most avant-garde representative of performing and body art since the beginning of 70s. Using her own body as vehicle and subject of her art, she explores the physical and mental limits, the relationship between performer and audience and the possibilities of the mind.

During her performances, her hyper intense and extremely sensorial body has been burnt, cut, rolled, scourged, whipped, violated and expiated: “The body’s boundaries are the subject of my creations. I will use the performance to push the physical and psychical limits beyond conscience”. In her work, audience’s reaction becomes part of the performance and the performance itself is ritualized and becomes a mental state in which the body can do things that normally will never do.