This Portrait Monday was brought to you by Kurt Stalleart and his photographic body of work entitled Bodybuilder's World.  We found this one from the series the most peculiar and disturbing. More from the series can be found here. We wanted to feature a photograph portrait as this week marks the start of Capture Photography Festival here in Vancouver. 

Highlights from the festival’s opening week include the Capture Launch Party on October 1st at the Museum of Vancouver (public party from 19:30 – 22:00). “The Evolution of Street Photography from Foncie Pulice to the 21st Century” will compliment the MOV’s current exhibition of work by legendary Vancouver street 
photographer Foncie Pulice - who made a career out of capturing candid images of Vancouverites on our city streets from the 1940’s to the 1970’s. The Capture curated exhibit will be a modern response to, and 
conversation with, Pulice’s work by four contemporary Vancouver photographers, including Brian Howell and Lincoln Clarkes. 

Not to be missed is UBC’s newly located AHVA Gallery’s debut exhibition, “The Photo Show: 1969/2013 -  Exploring the Photo Conceptual Archive”. The exhibition will feature works from the founding fathers of photoconceptualism, including Iain Baxter, Christos Dikeakos, Robert Smithson, Jeff Wall and Ian Wallace.
Accredited for his intimate celebrity portraits and his evocative nudes, Greg Gorman’s exhibition at the 

Pendulum Gallery will bring a rock & roll aesthetic to the festival. His works read like a who’s who of pop 
culture’s elite, from Waits, Bowie, Hendrix and Warhol, to Walken, Depp and Jackson, everybody whose 
anybody has been immortalized by his lens. According to Gorman, “A good portrait comes from building an 
honest relationship between the subject and photographer, the connection has to be true […] A picture is most successful when it doesn’t necessarily answer all the questions but leaves something to the imagination.”

For a rare insight into the emerging artists attracting the attention of industry insiders, the Capture produced 
“Ensuing Pictures: The Peer-to-Peer Exhibition” at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design’s Concourse 
Gallery offers a distinct perspective into the Canadian and International artists causing a stir. The participating nominators, chosen for their celebrated bodies of work and unique photographic voices include Vikky 
Alexander, Jim Breukelman, Mark Lewis, Mark Ruwedel and Jeff Wall. If these five powerhouse lensbased artists were musicians, this is the playlist they would be listening to.