In a strange turn of events, Amazon announced its foray into the art world early last week with Amazon Art. This new way of accessing the art market is both completely elitist and utterly mundane: the absurdity of putting a $4.5 million Norman Rockwell in your shopping cart alongside, say, your new copy of 'Wheatbelly' is not lost on us.

Reviewers and commenters have been quick to pick up on the humour of Amazon Art. On the aforementioned Rockwell, an Amazon reviewer named Teresa A. Jones writes, "I have been skipping and singing a few joyous hallelujahs since I found this. It was only slightly over the anticipated budget--but--here's what I think: when you find the just-right-super-perfect gift for that one person who doesn't seem to like anything you give them--pshsh--buy it. Not that I want to be anyone's favorite anything except for--hmm--yes, a little bit, I do. Mostly a lot I do. Whatever. Loved the free shipping.

I gave it four stars because--well, frankly, for the price I expected it to be the size of a barn."

On Engadget's coverage, another commenter writes, "Slightly saddened I can't max out my cart any further. I think I'm up to $13,000,000 worth of art with another $3-4 million 'saved for later'."

What do you think? Would you buy art off Amazon?