Have you heard? We are throwing a party!

Winsor Gallery, along with our neighbours Monte Clark Gallery, Equinox Gallery, Chernoff Fine Art, Macaulay & Co., and Wil Aballe Art Projects, will be hosting a friendly neighbourhood block party to celebrate what's good in the 'hood. Come on down to The Flats this Saturday, July 27th from 3-6pm to have a summer drink, feast your eyes on some art, and meet fellow art enthusiasts.

What's On: 

Scott McFarland: Street View
Monte Clark Gallery

In McFarland's new model of reportage, he positions his 4x5 camera on a tripod for a fixed period of time in a street location where there appears to be an interesting convergence of people and built elements of the urban environment.  Returning day after day he continues to photograph various people that come into his view from the same camera placement. In post editing with Photoshop, McFarland produces a seamless singular image that could have been photographed all at the same time; appearing as an instant.  During this editing process, a new narrative is created from the raw material of different figures.  People engage with each other in new ways that did not transpire at the time the images were taken.  Individuals who now appear as friends were in reality strangers not even existing in the same space at the same time.  McFarland's new “nonfictional” narratives are created from non linear moments, but the aesthetics of early reportage create an understanding for the audience that the works present a kind of truth.
Group Exhibition
Equinox Gallery

 A selection of works by Equinox-represented artists.

Erin McSavaney, Parkway, 2013
Macaulay & Co. Fine Art

A group show about the intersection of do-it-yourself aesthetics, and utopian domestic spaces.  During the course of the exhibition, modifications will be made and additional work will be included as the exhibition moves into its fully realized form.
Works by: Brian Kokoska, Peter Schuyff, Walter Scott, Jeremy Shaw, Beau Dick, Emily Hill, and Mark De Long. Enzo Mari designed “autoprogettazione” furniture built entirely by gallery staff.
Additions to the exhibition: Corin Sworn, Mark Oliver, and Athena Theny
Macaulay & Co. Fine Art

Macaulay Fine Art will be hosting a Vancouver launch of Wendy comics by Walter Scott. Wendy, a fashionable 20-something art girl whose dreams of contemporary art stardom are perpetually derailed by the temptations of punk music, drugs, alcohol, parties, and boys. Wendy has been featured on the back page of Modern Painters magazine.

Walter Scott recently moved to Vancouver from Montreal where he did his BFA at Concordia University. 
Jonathan Syme: The Pleasure of Devouring That Which Plagues You
Wil Aballe Art Projects

WAAP is pleased to present a new hand-carved sculpture edition by notable young Vancouver-based painter, Jonathan Syme. Each edition from the series named The Pleasure of Devouring That Which Plagues You is carved by the artist from walnut, painted in varying colours and leafed in white gold, moon gold or 23K yellow gold.
Group Exhibition
Winsor Gallery

 A selection of works by Winsor-represented artists.

Allan Switzer, Love Bomb In Blue, 2011
Frame Sale
Chernoff Fine Art

To celebrate the Flats Block Party, Chernoff Fine Art will be filling their walls with discounted frames. For one day only, pick and choose your favourites to save big on framing!