Patrick Hughes

Summer is the perfect time for open studio visits: windows usually shuttered against the rain can be flung open, music can float out into the street to entice passers-by, and sunlight -- usually so absent in locals such as, say, Vancouver or London -- can finally stream in to lend a nourishing air to masterpieces that have been nested away all fall, winter, and spring. Patrick Hughes seizes the occasion by not only opening his Shoreditch studio's doors to the curious public, but by also holding a screening of his new documentary feature during the event. 

"I am opening up my Shoreditch studio this summer because I think people will enjoy seeing my illusions 
in their birthplace," Hugh explains. "This big space has been my workplace and home for seventeen years now, and I know how much people like getting behind the scenes and understanding more about the processes that go into the making of art."

The film is titled Hughsually in a nod to the cheeky portmanteaus with which Hughes names his works and techniques, and runs for about 40 minutes. Before the movie, guests will be treated to an artist talk by the charming and witty Hughes, as well as a rare tour of Hughes' workplace, usually secreted away behind  72 Great Eastern Street's striking blue door. 

If you're lucky enough to be a Londoner, be sure to stop in for a look into Hughes' fascinating art practice this Saturday (July 13) afternoon from 2 to 5pm. For more information, have a look at the event page on the Flowers Gallery website.

Patrick Hughes, A Bigger Splash, 1981
gouache on paper

If that wasn't enough, Hughes will also be showing work alongside fellow illusionists Anthony Earnshaw and Glen Baxter in a show entitled Three Surrealists, opening on July 10th at Flowers Gallery. Between the three, a fresh take on surrealism is explored through assemblage, staged environments, baffling illusions, and wryly humorous drawings. Have a look if you're in the area; it's bound to be a trip.

Patrick Hughes, Moving, 2013

Patrick Hughes has also just released a fantastic new multiple through The London Original Print Fair. Entitled Moving, it depicts famous surrealist works on the mind-bending picture planes that he is known for. Want to get your hands on one? Get in touch with us and we can make it happen.