Happy Portrait Monday! 
We wanted to present to you the Switcheroo project by Hana Pesut. Hana just released a book on the images she has taken from this ongoing project, more details and her fine photography can be found below! 

"Switcheroo" personal project, ongoing series by Hana Pesut.
The Switcheroo book is now available for purchase online HERE (worldwide shipping available).
To see the most recent switcheroos, please see my blog HERE.

Hana Pesut is a self-taught photographer raised in a small town in the mountains and currently living in Vancouver, Canada. Her main focus in photography is the “little moments” that people sometimes miss and later wish they had captured. She hopes to inspire others to take more photos in their day to day life.

: steve and monika

: benny and lauren

: janis and ken - vancouver, bc