Calgary has begun rebuilding after the devastating flood a few weeks ago. Many areas of the world have been affected with flooding this year, India, Pakistan, the Czech Republic, Canada, the US, China. It is a wonder if people will start to take global warming seriously, but many are just struggling to deal with the aftermath of what happened.  In Calgary, the support from the communities, affected and not affected has been a true demonstration of Alberta and Calgary spirit. The progressive and forward thinking Calgary Arts Development organisation partnered with Alberta Foundation for the Arts literally moments after the flood waters began receding. Below are some of the amazing initiatives that have been taken to assist the Calgary Arts Community with the impact of the flood.
A family photograph lies in the mud in a driveway in Elbow Park. Photo:Stuart Gradon/Calgary Herald

Calgary Arts Development is partnering with Alberta Foundation for the Arts and will be accepting flood impact assessment information from artists and arts organizations across the province.
We provided a preliminary assessment of the flood’s impact on Alberta's arts sector to all orders of government and key partners on Thursday, June 27, and several working groups are now being established under the “Alberta Arts Rebuild” banner to ensure a coordinated response from over 35 agencies to the unique challenges facing the arts sector as it recovers from the flood. We are still gathering information on the flood's impact on Alberta's arts community, and we encourage artists and arts organizations that have sustained damage or lost revenue due to the floods to fill out this form.

If you or your organization face an immediate crisis or need for assistance, we will do our best to assist through our networks. Please let us know if you face an immediate need through this form.  Look here for a list of resources for artists and arts organizations.

Another great initiative was the creation of the Alberta Arts Flood Rebuild INVESTYYC crowdfunding micro-finance site:

About the Project: Suncor Energy Foundation has donated $50,000 to this campaign and will match $50,000 in individual donations. The Alberta Foundation for the Arts has provided an additional $50,000 in matching dollars for individual donors, meaning the first $100,000 of individual donations to the Alberta Arts Flood Rebuild Fund will be matched! As of July 11, 2013 there remains $82,169 to match against individual donors.

In the time since the flood there has been an outpouring of support and offers to donate to the arts in Alberta. This project's aim is to direct these offers to the arts community, however, there are many other exciting arts projects on that still need support. We hope you consider investing in these other worthy initiatives as well – the show must go on!  See more at: