Paul Wong, Merging (Storm), 2011

On now at Oakville Galleries is Auto-motive: World from the Windshield. What can be mundane to commuters, exciting to roadtrippers, and monumental to teenagers first earning their license, is investigated with poise and subtlety by the exhibition's 18 participating artists as they express notions of "place, perception, and emotional experience" from the inside of a car.

Oakville Galleries writes: "This exhibition is organized at a time when the moving landscape progressively occupies more time in people's lives: Canadians, on average, spend 63 minutes each day in a car making the round trip between their home and their workplace.
Employing numerous media, these artists demonstrate that the car windshield has become a ubiquitous cultural lens. As an enduring icon of contemporary culture, the car remains vital as a source of adventure and discovery–its windshield permitting swiftly observed views of vast territory and scale, both built and natural.
The artworks assembled here explore the material relations and sensations that coalesce behind the windshield. Together, these works direct us to the car as an otherwise prosaic space that connects external realities with inner worlds."

Winsor's Paul Wong will be exhibiting his work Merging (Storm) at this interesting look into our vehicular experiences. Worth a look if you're in the Ontario area, for sure!