Natasha Broad & Alex Quicho, Survival (Boner), hatchet, acrylic paint, bone, wood, and gold leaf, 2013

On now at the Gam Gallery is Wastelands, an exhibition of drawing and sculpture by Natasha Broad, Daniel Tatterton, and Alex Quicho.

The work brought together in Wastelands taps into the wonder, danger, fear and fascination that lies behind our contemporary relationship to nature. Looking to the social geography of Vancouver as a model, these young artists use dark humour, loose cartographies, animals, objects, dreams, and memories to explore the absurdity of a thriving cosmopolis perched on the edge of great wilderness. Together, these works arise from a disjunctive landscape where the wild and our recreational Vancouverite view of it co-exist: the place where cougars maim mountain-bikers, mothers get lost for days on casual hikes, and deejays die in the snow just minutes from their Whistler residences.

Wastelands is up until July 5th, and the Gam is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 12-5pm. If you're around Gastown/the DTES, be sure to come check it out!